Me Revealed

I don’t really know how to describe myself because I would like to think that I fit more than one category in life. I love drawing, painting, creating, graphics, typography and birds. I’m a little obsessed with bird cages and elephants.

On the other hand, I love cycling, hiking, running and anything pertaining to health and fitness. If I don’t fit exercise into my day, I go a little crazy.

I love planning parties, photographing people and nature, and being around friends and family…but I also like to be alone and rejuvenate with a nice cup of coffee by myself.

I’m all about affordable fashion and having nothing pricey in my closet. However, I like to splurge on good food. #FoodieForLife.

One thing that I am always striving for though is growth, as a person and as a child of God. For those who know me, I hope that you will say that I love life and live it to the fullest as God wants us to everyday, every moment, every breath we are given.

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