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Europe Pt. 2: Brussels

After Amsterdam, we headed to our next destination…Brussels, Belgium. We stayed in this quaint bed and breakfast walking distance to the Grand Palace, countless chocolate stores and equally numerous cobblestone roads.

When you walk into the Grand Palace’s main square, it is pretty overwhelming to see these beautiful, massive, historical buildings surrounding you 360 degrees.

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Grand Palace
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Spot the Tourist(s).

Our first night there, we shared a Belgian waffle and ate authentic chicken waterzooi (stew), mussels, fries, and scampi.

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Sweet Tooth Heaven.

The next day, we spent the whole day on a bus tour to Ghent and Bruges, smaller Dutch towns with canals, bell towers, and horse carriages. It definitely throws you back in time, in a good way. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and multilingual (translating in both French and Spanish). But honestly, after a while, I just tuned him out and took in all the sights around me.

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Ring the Bells.
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That Reflection Though.

Our train the next day wasn’t until late afternoon, so we went to purchase our Belgian chocolate. That was one of the only requests from my mom to bring back to the states. I mean, no complaints here! Belgium takes great pride in their chocolatier-ing.

We walked into Mary’s Artisan Chocolatier and each made our own custom boxes to take home. We also got a history lesson about Mary. She was the first female chocolatier and became the official chocolate provider to the monarchy. She is still their provider today and has an official seal from the king and queen. #femalerunbusiness #femalepower

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All Take All of it, Please.

Two days in Brussels, Ghent and Bruges was plenty of time to hit all the highlights. Our next and final stop: Paris! Stay tuned =)




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