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A Short Trip to Colorado Springs

Each month this year, I have had something to look forward to. For the month of October, I got to look forward to a vacation, albeit short, to Colorado Springs! It was my first time visiting the beautiful state. Thankfully, it was a small enough city to see most of the sites in the 2 days I was there. And what a breath of fresh air it was.

View from our patio!

I arrived on a Sunday morning before the rest of the family drove in from Denver, so I got to explore a little by myself. From the resort we were staying at, I walked to the Broadmoor Hotel and spent a few hours there. The hotel was like a little town in itself, with a bridge that linked to another part of the hotel, and a view of the mountains that could make you sit in the rocking chair for hours just soaking it all in…which is what I did as I waited for my sister to arrive.

Apparently where all the celebs stay.
The second part of the Broadmoor hotel.

Mimi met me at the Broadmoor, and we made our way to Manitou Springs for some window shopping, walking and perusing of the town around us. Monday is when the real adventure began.

While Mimi was stuck working in a conference (the reason why we met up in Colorado Springs to begin with), my parents and I spent the whole day outside with nature. #Neature.

We started our day with brunch to fuel us for the hours ahead and trekked towards The Broadmoor Seven Falls. I felt like a ranger, hiking through the a national park, and a little like Yogi Bear because of all the trees and mountains surrounding us. Seven Falls consists of 224 steps alongside the waterfall, not including another set of steps to see a view known as Eagle’s Nest. 224 steps doesn’t seem like that much…but given the high altitude and the narrowness of the steps, it definitely could for a mid-break breather. Thankfully, the people who constructed the steps knew that and built an overlook halfway up.


Once up the steps, we hiked a trail that led us to Inspiration Point. My parents pointed out the fact that every time they see me now, we are doing something active and outdoors. That’s how I keep them young ;). The parent-child roles definitely reversed with my dad asking how close we were to our destination most of the way up the trail.

In the end, the hike was worth it as the overlook was so clear and so refreshing. We saw people zip-lining through the mountains along the way, even contemplating doing it ourselves if not for the hefty price point.

Yogi Bear.
No, this is not photoshopped.

We headed back to the steps, making our way back down those 224 steps. Walking down was a little intimidating, seeing as you have to look straight down to watch your feet. Seeing my dad waddle down was one of the highlights of the day though.

After Seven Falls, we made our way to Garden of the Gods. This park was free and drive-able. We drove around once and realized that we can’t get up close to the red rocks as we imagined. So we ended up parking and walking through some of the key spots. Thankfully, it was flat terrain with clearly paved trails. After our first hike though, we were happy for the relaxed walking.

We made our way back to the hotel, waiting for Mimi to go eat dinner. We were definitely tired from our full day out. And where else to go for dinner but our favorite all-you-can-eat-salad-bar restaurant, Jason’s Deli?

Hey…I missed it seeing as L.A. doesn’t have this much needed staple.

The next day, I flew back to L.A. rejuvenated from the time away and happy to take a mini vacay away. And it was just the right amount of time because come November…I’ll be heading to Paris with my mom and sister!

Let the countdown begin. (Oh, and more CO pictures to come!)


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