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May do into Will do

Happy May, everyone! And happy almost 4 months, L.A. The foreseeable future is less busy for me than it was at the beginning of the year. I’m finally settling into my job, a routine, a life in my new city. So far, I have explored a few hiking trails, visited iconic Los Angeles landmarks and eaten mouth-watering food.

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The sky’s the limit

But therein lies the problem. Once I get too comfortable in a place, I tend to gravitate towards the things I already know I like, visiting the same places, ordering the same meals, falling into complacency. I start thinking, “Oh I may do that this weekend. That’s definitely on my list.” And when it comes to time of execution, I decide I don’t want to leave because I have an amazing parking space close to my apartment, or I just want to stay in and binge watch a show.

Well not this time. Not this May. My “may” do mindset will become will do. I already have a list of things and places I want to go! I’ve marked off a few of them already, but Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are so massive, I feel like there is never a short supply of activities to do.

The biggest hurdle for me is sometimes doing things alone. There are a lot of things I like doing by myself…shopping, exercising, watching TV [without subtitles ;)], cooking…But trying new hiking trails or viewing scenic spots or trying trendy restaurants, those are things I’d rather do with friends.

Scheduling time with people is hard, especially with busy work schedules or booked weekends. So there will be time where I will be a solo explorer, and I think that is something I will have to get comfortable with. It’s like going to the movies by yourself…I’ve never done it because I see it as a more social thing. But is it because it’s out of my comfort zone that I don’t do it? Is it because I’m self-conscious of the other people in the theater who are with other people?

We are our toughest critics, even when it comes to doing things alone. And I’m all for inviting people to do any of the activities I’m interested in! However, if they are busy, and you have no one who can join you, why let that stop you from doing the thing you were setting out to do in the first place?

This time around, I won’t let that stop me. My list will be checked off one way or the other.

Manhattan Beach, I’m coming for you.

Hollywood trail, I’m coming for you.

Parker Mesa, I already visited you, but I’m coming again!

Let’s turn may do into will do.


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