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This last week was a crazy flurry of activity, and I am now just having time to regroup and reflect on what took place. The very short version is my best friend is a married woman! The more detailed version…well, here it is.

Last Wednesday, I flew back to Charlotte on a red eye, arriving there Thursday morning at 6:30 am. Right away, I got a few more hours of sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable on the plane…plus it was 4 a.m. LA time. I was able to work remote that day, still having time to meet with my high school friends for lunch and afternoon Amelie’s break, grocery shop for the bridal shower that would take place on Friday, and meet my family for dinner.

Friday was just as busy. Andrea’s lingerie shower took place at 11 am with some light eats, a game or two, and opening of presents. Unfortunately, none of it was too embarrassing for Andrea to turn bright red. But I think everyone had fun just talking and celebrating the bride. After that, we went to get manicures at Cachet, a swanky new nail salon in Charlotte with private party seating in the back of the building. After that, we went to the rehearsal space at Founder’s Hall and then to rehearsal dinner at Vivace. We still had to set up some string lights after dinner, so I didn’t get home until close to 1 am.

The big day finally arrived bright and early Saturday morning. My friend, Katie, came over and did my makeup for me. I’ve never gotten it fully done like I did that day, and she did an amazing job! I loved how natural everything looked and how it lasted all day without touch ups. I then was dropped off at Andrea’s where I finished getting ready with the bride and the other bridesmaids. The atmosphere was definitely relaxed…it kind of felt like we were getting ready for prom and not a wedding. But once the photographer and videographer arrived, it started becoming real. We had plenty of time to take pictures as a bridal party before the actual ceremony. And once the ceremony rolled around, everything went by in a blur.

Minted Bridesmaids + Glowing Bride Photo Cred: Hillary Leah Photography

I remember staring at Kevin as Andrea was walking down the aisle, tears coming from his eyes. He had a tissue readily in hand, wiping at them. I think he didn’t want anyone to see his tears, but honestly, it was probably to make sure his vision wasn’t impaired from seeing his beautiful bride. Surprisingly, Andrea kept it together…and she will be the first to tell you that tears are not foreign to her.

She’s Murried!

As they stood on the stage, exchanging loving glances and vows, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder how different today would be if it took place at a different time or a different circumstance. Instead of having one Maid of Honor, there would be two. The missing people in the crowd that if this was a year ago, would be in attendance, celebrating Kevin and Andrea. Even though I was so happy for them on that stage, a little sadness crept into my heart on behalf of those who would never get to witness this day in person. They will never see the looks on Kevin and Andrea’s faces, feel the happiness as they walked hand in hand into the reception as husband and wife, or see the purity of godly marriage being demonstrated.

But that moment came and went, because today was a celebration! The reception was filled with photobooth pictures, catching up with friends from out of town (I guess I’m considered out of town now), and breaking out the moves on the dance floor. I also gave a toast, along with Andrea’s brother, Bryan, and Kevin’s brother, Danny. My writing classes (especially my speech writing one) came in handy. Just know that the way you end is how your speech will be remembered ;).

My Fam
My Other Fam.
My Friends.
My Best Friend.

Thankfully, I got to see Andrea and Kevin on Sunday for brunch at her parents’ house before I had to fly back to Los Angeles. Needless to say, I was exhausted and a bit under the weather come Monday morning. But it was all worth it to be a part of #FuPartyofTwo!



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