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L.A. Abode

My neglect for all of you has been real. I’m sorry for not being more consistent in my posting, but I have a good reason. This past month has been a whirlwind of new experiences, a new adventure, and a new adjustment to life. I have been busily making a new home for myself in Los Angeles!

After the holidays, I moved out to L.A. in the beginning of January. After experiencing snowfall (hopefully my last for a while) in Charlotte, I flew out to California to start a new chapter. The first few weeks I was out here, I stayed with my aunt and uncle. They were so generous in housing me, feeding me and making sure I had everything I need. I arrived on a Sunday…and literally that Thursday I had an interview at an advertising and branding company.

Thanks to my cousin, Jenny, and her connections with a friend, my resume was sent to this company! They asked me to come in the following Tuesday to sit in on their production meeting and meet with more members of their team. I was offered the job that night. It was such a blessing and a God thing to receive a job so quickly. And it’s not just any job. This is one I can see myself staying in for a while and growing with the company.

The following week, I found a studio apartment that’s about a 15 minute drive to work in traffic. Yahtzee! I still stayed with my aunt and uncle for my first week of work since I didn’t have time to go furniture shopping until the weekend. After getting my furniture from Ikea, Ross, Target and various other places, I finally had everything set up last Wednesday.

Like a said…it’s been a whirlwind these last few weeks…which is maybe why it feels like it’s been sooo much longer than just one month since I’ve moved to L.A.!

Daily Reminder

I’ve finally had time to breathe this past weekend and sit on my couch for the first time since constructing it with my family. I’ve added some wall art already, but still have some little touches to make it feel more homey. My work has been great, and I’ve settled into the position pretty seamlessly. Now that I don’t feel so uprooted, I can start exploring my new city =).

It’s only the beginning of February, and I feel like I’ve reached some of the goals I’ve set up for myself for this New Year. I’m excited to see what lies ahead, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!


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